Have you ever thought.........Can I Have a Homebirth?

You were made to do this one thing without a doubt!!!

Many women are more than capable of having a homebirth, EVEN when they don’t think so. 

In today’s medical world women are not getting the care they deserve or desire and many are turning to home births with midwives to get what they are looking for. (I was one of those women and I have now had three children at home surrounded by my family.)

Or maybe you are a first time mom (FTM) and you have just heard these stories of women in your area or circle of influence who have had home births and you are curious to know what that would be like. 

If you have been thinking about having a homebirth and are wondering if it is something that you can do, I want to encourage you to seek out as much information as you can before deciding that you can’t

See a lot of times your mind will tell you that something is too hard or too scary and that stops you from moving forward towards your true desires. 

If it is a desire in your heart, that wasn’t there before, that is what I call a God nudge

He created you in His image and when He created woman He gave her the amazing ability to grow and birth new life! He also places the desires on your heart, so know that the desire to birth at home in your own space comes from Him. 

Our medical system has made birth a scary process requiring so many tests, ultrasounds, and exams. They make it seem as though there are so many things that need to be monitored, and while if you have health problems already that may be true for you, that doesn’t mean it is true for a healthy woman. 

Pregnancy has so many different factors that are out of your control and having tests and all the other things lumped on you through your journey adds stress and pressure when you should be enjoying and celebrating the miracle that is growing in your womb. Care with a home birth midwife is a completely different experience where you are heard and advised, given your options for every step along the way, and the ability to choose for yourself. 

Having a midwife is like having your mom take care of you when you are sick. Midwives love what they do and getting to attend these great moments in other’s lives is such an amazing blessing for them. Their care of you through your pregnancy and childbirth will be a relationship from start to finish. They don’t push you to do anything you don’t want to and generally they don’t do anything to induce labor until around the 42 week mark. (These statements may not be true for all midwives so be sure to interview several to find the right one for you and your family.)

In most cases, midwives are happy to sit back and let you work through your physiological birth experience with your husband and birth team (those YOU choose to be with you) give you the comfort and support that you need. Giving daddy the space to be the one to catch your child and be the first to witness that new life. This creates a bond that I have no words to describe, it is a beautiful event to witness.

Birth is meant to be a beautiful experience filled with so much love, peace, and joy, but in today’s crazy world many women are not having this experience. We have been sold the idea that childbirth is and should be painful but that is not true. Women all over the world are having natural births, at home, in the peace and comfort of their own surroundings and without pain.

When you learn to relax and listen to your bodies, leaving it to do what it was created to do on its own, your birth experiences can be so different.

You can have a homebirth when you believe in yourself, your baby, and your body. You have to be willing to guard your plans and only share them with those that will truly support you. When any negative opinions or thoughts are spoken to or over you it is important to not accept them and to immediately dismiss them so that they do not take root in your mind.

Our minds are powerful and have the power to control and create our reality, so be careful where you focus your thoughts around your pregnancy and childbirth.

To find a midwife that aligns with you and that you feel comfortable with, schedule interviews with  several and meet them in person to get a real feel for them. Have your husband meet them too. 

You’ve got this and remember YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS!

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