How Can I Manage Labor Pains In An Unmedicated Birth?

How Can I Manage Labor Pains In An Unmedicated Birth?

Man if this isn’t a topic that comes across my feed daily! If you are pregnant, FTM or planning your next, I’m sure it has crossed your mind too. From my experience most women believe that having a baby has to be painful. It’s understandable, given our sources, that pain is pretty much the biggest part of having a baby that women worry about. I have been there too, trust me, with my first homebirth I had back labor and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

After that experience I was pregnant with my third when I heard an acquaintance say that she had a pain-free birth! Of course my response was, “excuse me, say again please?” I mean I was in disbelief because I had never heard of such a thing before. We chatted and I grew in my confidence and belief in my body to birth my babies without pain. Below are some things that I learned that helped me manage the discomforts of labor once I knew what was possible.....

First things first let’s talk about fear. Did you know that when you are feeling fearful that it causes tension in your body? Tension in turn often leaves signs in the form of sore muscles or joints if there for long. 

Now imagine that you are getting near your due date and you are getting more and more anxious about the labor pains you are scared of. You now have tension in your body, labor starts and your muscles that need to contract are meeting up against an already tense body. This labor will be more painful than it would have been if you had been calm and ready to trust your body in this natural process of bringing life into the world.

Fear = Tension = Pain - the more fear, the more tension, and the more pain you will experience.

How do you minimize that fear factor? Don’t worry I’ve got you!

Knowledge is the first thing that will help you reduce the fear and combat that chance of having fear induced painful labor. Learn as much as you can about the natural process of childbirth and you will be far more likely to be relaxed and calm in the moments when it is needed most.

Movement is the next  secret to managing the pains of labor. The more mobile you are through your labor, the easier your body is able to move through the phases and birth your child with greater ease. When we are immobile it actually causes our body to work harder which tends to lead to more discomfort (pain), so it is really important to move around. Be intentional with your movements, listen to your body and it will lead you in the ways that will help the birth process along.

Lastly, trusting your body without any doubts of its ability to birth your babies is the greatest thing you can do to birth with greater ease. God created WOMAN to bring new life to MAN. He created YOU in His image and you are perfect in every way. Childbirth was not meant to be painful, it was meant to be joyful, exciting, and beautiful. Trust that there is nothing needed externally for your baby to be born peacefully into your calm and expectant arms. 

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