3 Ways To Save Time and Money In The Kitchen

3 Ways To Save Time and Money In The Kitchen
As I was making dinner a few weeks ago I kind of had a realization that I do things a bit different than most in my kitchen and that it may be helpful for other moms who are trying to get dinner on the table. I love to cook but I also like to save money and save myself time for another meal later in the week, can you relate? Sometimes I find myself struggling to get dinner on the table and usually it is when I stop doing these simple actions that make dinner easier to plan on the fly.

If you have young children and are looking for ways to cut cost and time in the kitchen then this blog is for you. So here are a few ways that I have been stretching our groceries to save myself time and money on a regular basis.

1) Buy meat in bulk when it is on sale. ~ I buy Organic Grass Fed Beef in a multi pack at Aldi and stock my freezer. There are three 1.25 lb packages in the pack for $18.00! I make two meals from each pack for a total of six meals for our family of 6.

2) Cook a whole pack at a time with your choice of add-ins. ~ I generally cook our ground beef with onions and mushrooms, which are cheap and a whole onion and package of mushrooms diced adds flavor and fills it out to make two meals.

3) After cooking the ground beef with your choice of add-ins, remove half and store in the fridge for another meal later.

Some meal ideas to use the saved portion are: pizza topping, tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, vegetable soup…… 

What do you like to use ground beef in?

Oh and if you really need a meal on the fly here is one of my quick and easy meals mom cheat meals, made in one pan! Macaroni and Cheese with ground beef and peas, a simple one dish meal on the fly, and that children love it! 

You can also make that last meal idea with tuna in place of the ground beef for a budget friendly and easy meal to put together when you are in a hurry.

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