Infertility Awareness Week - Sharing Hope

Infertility Awareness Week - Sharing Hope
You are not alone on your journey and I myself was unable to conceive for over twelve years, where I wasn’t on contraceptives or doing anything to prevent pregnancy. During those twelve years, I was in a few different relationships that were anywhere from a year and a half up to six years. The problem had to be with me right? 

I felt like I was never going to be the mom I had dreamed of being and that I was destined to spend my life alone. Was I broken? What had I done wrong? Was I to blame? I had a lot of thoughts and feelings that I needed to work through as I’m sure you have experienced yourself if you have had your own struggles with infertility. I actually have shared my story in a book with nineteen other women called Infertility Success, Stories of Help and Hope for Your Journey if you want to check that out. 

Infertility Awareness Week #NIAW was established to spread awareness about infertility. It is estimated that 15% of couples experience infertility and 12 million people in the United States alone are living with this condition. Infertility is an epidemic around the world and 1 in 6 people are currently walking through their own journey of infertility.

One thing I can assure you that you are not to blame and I’m sorry if you are walking down this road now. I’m going to share some things I learned along my own journey that helped me and hopefully will be of help to you as well.

First of all, let’s start with placing the blame where it belongs because, well, if we continue to hold on to blame that doesn’t belong to us then we can’t find the success we are looking for. So where should we be placing the blame? It is my opinion that it is the organizations that be who have failed us in manipulating information to influence our daily habits from eating to personal care. We have been programmed to think that the FDA is there to protect our health but the truth is that they serve high powers that want to make money and could care less about the health and wellbeing of our society.

Our daily eating habits have been grossly off course for centuries now with them leading the way. For the most part, many families live on a highly-processed diet of boxed and packaged foods that have many ingredients that were not meant for consumption. Eating a more whole-food diet of fresh fruits and veggies, farm-fresh meat (know your source), beans, and nuts can help your body in a self-healing process where restoration of systems and functions can happen.

The FDA has failed us in another industry as well by allowing companies to keep ingredients a secret to “protect” their recipe for the scents in their cleaning products. Those scents are made up of chemicals that are banned in many countries because they are known to cause cancer, are known endocrine disrupters and are absorbed into our bodies through our biggest organ, our skin. Using plant-based products and ditching the chemical scents is the best thing you can do to support your body in healing. Click here to learn 35 Simple Swaps you can make for a toxin-free household.

The last thing I want to share is that you have the power to go after and ask for the care that you want along your journey. You don’t have to “try for a year” before having tests run or have multiple losses before your doctor will take a look at your hormone balances. Find a doctor that will serve you, listen to and HEAR you, who will not just prescribe some medication and send you on your way. Doctors are service providers and we can choose to take that business elsewhere if they don’t want to give us the service we deserve.

Don’t give up, there is hope and I’m here to cheer you on.