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Empower Your Birth with Amanda
Create Your Birth Plan

Having a birth plan can help ensure a better birth experience, allow you to prepare ahead to make hard decisions in the moment, and give you peace of mind knowing that everyone on your birth team knows what you want every step of the way.

Creating your birth plan can seem overwhelming and you may feel limited in what you can put on your own plan.
Your birth is your experience and should be everything you dream it to be and is unique to you. 

If you haven't already gotten your Empowered Birth Checklist, click below to get your copy of this
 free resource to get you started on creating your perfect birth plan today.

Still having doubts about creating your personal birth plan?

Let me help you walk through the process. 

Working together we will discuss your thoughts, talk through options, and walk through different scenarios to help you become confident in your personalized birth plan. You will be able to learn about options you may not have known about, voice your concerns, and talk through every detail of your plan in two 1:1 sessions.

Ready to get started.....

Birth Planning Course Coming Soon!!!
Don't have the time to sit and work through this in two sessions?
This course is for you! It will consist of short videos that break each step down and makes it easy to sit down and work through at your own pace.
If you want to be notified when this course is available, click the button below to be added to the waiting list and be the first to know!
I want to be the first to know!

About me:

I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

But I do know now!

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you follow ALL the things, don’t question the 'experts’, and just go with the direction others are TELLING you is the best way?

That is what I did with my first pregnancy and by the end of that experience I was an angry and bitter woman who had been bullied for months and never given the opportunity to enjoy the journey of becoming a mom..

I gave in to the bullying, I caved and scheduled a c-section that I now know was highly unnecessary…...all because I trusted “the experts”.

I felt robbed. Robbed of being able to enjoy growing and nurturing a baby in my womb. Robbed of meeting my baby while listening to my playlist, seeing her face the moment she was born, THE GOLDEN HOUR, and being able to hold her and move around postpartum. Robbed of the beautiful experience of bringing our baby into this world. 

I felt like I had failed at something that should have been natural, beautiful, and a wonderful time in every woman’s life. Women are created to grow and nurture new life in their womb and to birth that new life into this world!!!

Then I realized I didn’t fail, THE MEDICAL SYSTEM failed me!!

My doctor failed me by following her strict and generic protocols that she follows for every patient. On top of that she never focused on the blessing that was happening in my womb but chose to belittle me over my weight gain throughout my pregnancy. At just 4 months pregnant she started talking about a scheduled c-section based solely on my weight gain, no medical issues at all and NO evidence-based decision making. Through all of this I felt defeated every time I had to go to an appointment and hear the discouragement that she pushed on me.

Although I didn’t plan to have more children due to the trauma of our experience, God had other plans. I started to research and learn, for myself, more about the process of conceiving, how to care for one’s self throughout conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. And learned how to avoid things that would lead to a possible scheduled or even emergency c-section during the birthing process. 

What I found was eye-opening and I vowed to share about what I had learned and be a voice to others because women deserve to be informed and empowered advocates for themselves, and to AVOID experiencing what I went through.

We now have four children and my experience with the other three pregnancies have been completely different then that first one. I can now say that I have had three empowered homebirths (3HBAC) where we chose who was with us, how I would labor and deliver, and what tests and procedures I would or wouldn’t be doing. 


By having knowledge on your side, you are able to take a leading role in your own care and ultimately design the pregnancy and childbirth experience YOU want!!

Come join our group of empowered mamas and learn how you can have the pregnancy and childbirth experience you have dreamed of. You will be blessed by gain the knowledge, information, and support we share inside our private community. It's free!

Ready to learn more? Contact me, I can't wait to cheer you on through your journey!

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