Is chiropractic care good for pregnancy?

Is chiropractic care good for pregnancy?

Have you ever noticed the exaggerated sway of a pregnant woman’s back and think “that is so cute but it looks so uncomfortable”? The entire process of becoming and being pregnant is fascinating and there are so many changes that we are not really aware of. 

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows your posture changes to compensate for the added weight in the front. This puts pressure in new areas and if your body is already out of alignment then this can become an extremely uncomfortable experience. From sciatic nerve pressure to lower back spasms your everyday life can be greatly affected by your posture and this is where chiropractic care can play a huge part in your overall health and experience through your pregnancy. I, myself, have experienced these pains and discomforts and wish I would have taken steps to prevent it through my pregnancies.

If you are pregnant, finding a good chiropractor who is trained in pregnancy care and has proven success through their pregnant clientele can be very helpful to you in many ways. As your body grows and your posture changes to accommodate your growing belly, keeping your posture and alignment balanced can help you stay more active, allow your body to move as it was created to for welcoming your baby into the world, and could even shorten your labor time by up to 31% according to some studies.

Here are a few tips on other ways you can help support your posture while also allowing your body to move, stretch, and open the way it was meant to.

1) Always sit in the upright position with your knees lower than your hips to give more space in the lower abdomen.

2) Walking daily for at least 45 minutes helps your body stay active and healthy.

3) Sit and sleep on firm surfaces to support proper alignment.

4) Forward leaning can help your baby turn head down while reclining can lead to a breech baby.

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