Pregnancy and weight gain….

Pregnancy and weight gain….

When I was pregnant with my first I ate what I wanted and craved, which was heavy German rolls and sweet stuff. Now I had not been eating bread for about 6 months when I found out I was pregnant and I validated those cravings as “my baby wanted it”, we all know that probably isn’t true. Needless to say I gained quite a bit of weight right off the bat and my OBGYN was not shy in pointing that out.

It is so hard to not focus on weight gain during a time when it is, well a good side effect to ensure a baby is growing. However while it is good to gain some weight you want to be sure that the weight gained is due to pregnancy and not a poor diet. We all have our struggles with food at some point in life and when your body seems to be taking orders from someone else you may find it harder to control your weaker tendencies.

I know from experience how hard it can be to give some things up. During my first pregnancy I gave up coffee and only drank it once in a while, but man that bread got me every time, and don’t even mention the baked treats. I was not able to give up coffee during my other three pregnancies and had to be very mindful to only allow myself a regular sized cup/mug once-twice a day.

The important thing to keep in mind with this is to be balanced in your eating. Don’t try to cut yourself off from everything or be so strict that you are causing yourself stress where food is concerned. Eat healthy and if you are going to have a questionable meal or sweet treat don’t be hard on yourself over it. 

A good way to help you stay on a healthier eating path is to plan your meals, cook ahead, and always have fruits and vegetables on hand. Choose to eat fruits and veggies when you need snacks or before each meal. This will help you get good calories, nutrients, and vitamins while also helping you to fill up on healthy options more than not. 

I have often found that eating a fruit when I’m craving that not so healthy sweet treat has helped relieve the craving way more than eating the sweet treat that left me wanting more!

Weight gain in pregnancy is inevitable for most women and it shouldn’t be something we try to avoid, however we do want to be intentional with our eating. The last thing we want is to be gaining a bunch of weight that isn’t connected to the health of our babies. High weight gain is often treated as a reason for interventions and cause for “concern” of a “big baby” in our western medical system, which is not necessarily connected. By maintaining a healthy weight gain and ensuring you are eating healthy you reduce your risks of being pressured into interventions that may not even be warranted.

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