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Empowering Your Birth Through The Word ~ Affirmation Cards
These cards will help you to focus on the Lord's promises for a healthy, safe, and joyful birth. 33 thoughtfully designed cards are meant to support and inspire you through pregnancy and during birth. 

Each card holds a special and unique positive statement that will put you in the right mindset as you prepare to meet your baby.

W H A T • Y O U • G E T

  • 1 Downloadable PDF file, in print quality
  • 33 Christian-Based Affirmation Cards
  • Available in 2 sizes 3x5 and 4x6
  • BONUS: 3 Blank cards to write your own affirmations on!

On Earth as in Heaven
By: Lauren da Silva
A Collection of the Hopes and Dreams Heart-Centered Women have for a better world, and what they’re doing to make their dreams a reality.

Book#3 in a collection of three books amplifying the stories of 45 women who have overcome fear with courage, found belonging by just being, and are making their dreams and visions come true.

My Pregnancy Journal
By: Amanda Ignot
Having a journal to document your pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey is such a special way to remember all of the precious details of this time in your life. Journaling is such a personal process, and it can be so therapeutic to pour your heart out onto the pages.

This journal is for you to remember all of the highs and lows of your journey to motherhood - the challenges and the triumphs, the tears and the laughter. These are moments that you will never want to forget, so write them down and cherish them always.

The journal has 4 sections (1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester & postpartum) to make it easy to find your notes later on for specific times throughout your pregnancy.

Journaling during this time will be a priceless gift to yourself and to your child later on in life. This is a place where you can document the miracle of life unfolding before your eyes. Enjoy every moment!

Infertility Success
Stories of Help and Hope for your Journey 

Infertility Success 20 Stories of Persistence and Hope, including my own journey to infertility success and tips I want to share with others so they are empowered in their own journey! 

PLUS - special BONUS GIFTS!.

The Invincible Family Project
Everyday Families Creating Hope For Their Future

It was such a blessing to be a contributing author in this book with all these women. My hope is that each of these stories makes a fire rise up in you to go after your dreams like all of us have.

In this book you’ll find the true and inspirational stories of twenty-seven women who chose to take a chance and believe that there could be more to life than what they were living. 

These twenty-seven women hail from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. They represent every profession you can imagine from homeschooling moms, to doctors, nurses, coaches, CEO’s, PHD holders and more… But most importantly, they represent hope. 

If you’re tired of living life on repeat, tired of feeling enslaved to corporate America, tired of wondering if this is as good as life is ever going to get, then get ready. 

The stories in this book are going to show you that anything is possible and we’ve got the blueprint to prove it.