What is the 11-Day Jumpstart?

The 11-Day Jumpstart is an ongoing, monthly program that is exclusive to my Young Living team and those that are connected to Martha Krejci through the Cutting Edge community. So many amazing results are coming out of the Jumpstart that I've been having some serious FOMO! Don’t take my word for it, here is Katrina Kunstleben, who recently completed the 11-Day Jumpstart, talking about how it changed her life, reduced some of her chronic pain, and how excited she is to keep going.

Why is hydration so important?

Sweet Summertime. The sun. oh how I have missed you. Pool or lake days, BBQs, getting outside! Summer is the season of being outdoors. It’s also the season of forgetting to hydrate, sunburns, and bugs. BUGS! In today’s blog and next week's, we will dive into each of these further.

Hydration is key to many functions in the human body, and in the summer heat, it can be challenging to maintain hydration. One of the most significant roles that water plays in the body is regulating internal temperature. The body’s ability to stay cool in hot weather depends on proper hydration.