Are you ready for another baby?

Are you ready for another baby?

So you have had your first baby and you are thinking about having another one. Maybe it has been a few months or maybe it has been a few years, it is different for all of us.    

If you are contemplating whether you are ready here are some things that you might be thinking ……..

Can I handle taking care of a newborn and my baby/toddler/child at the same time?

Can we afford the additional cost of everything we will need for another baby right now?

What if I can’t get pregnant or have a miscarriage? Am I emotionally and mentally prepared to take this on while caring for my other child/ren?

What if my pregnancy is hard and I’m not able to be the parent I want to be with my other child/children?

I’m sure you could add so many other questions to this list, as could I, however there are some other questions to ask yourself before you start the worry questions.

Are you prepared, mentally, physically, and emotionally, to love another tiny human? Why are you thinking about having another baby now? Is this in line with your original plan of spacing your children, did you even have a specific gap you wanted between children? 

True story: I have wanted another baby within weeks of having each of my children!!! I even told my mom that I have figured out why people keep having babies; it is because that newborn stage goes by so fast and they want to have it again. By the time my first was only 2 weeks old I was crying about how much she had changed already and she is already 7 years old now!

The biggest thing to ask yourself is if you truly want another baby RIGHT now or is it just missing a certain stage and wanting to be there again? In the end you and your spouse are the only ones who can make that decision and it is up to you to have the conversations, share your hearts and determine whether this is the right time or not. 

Sometimes God has His own plans and you may think the timing is off. I can assure you that when that happens there will be some tough conversations, however every life is a blessing and God’s timing is usually pretty spot on. 

Oh and FYI you can never be completely ready and there will never be the perfect time to have another baby so go with your heart and do what is right for you and your family right now.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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