Is Your Doctor Talking Induction The Week Before A Holiday?

Is Your Doctor Talking Induction The Week Before A Holiday?

As the Holiday season is upon us it is a great time to remind everyone that your doctor’s turkey dinner or Christmas plans do not warrant an early induction. If you are pregnant right now you may have already been approached about scheduling an induction for earlier this week or the week prior to Christmas if your due date is around that time. It is unfortunate that this happens and the truth is it shouldn’t be happening. You shouldn’t be led to feel like you need to induce to have the doctor attend our birth, I mean isn’t that what you are paying them for? 

We see it all the time where a doctor has this conversation with their patient:

Doctor: Well I’m getting ready to go on vacation and won’t be here to provide your labor care if you should go into labor while I’m gone. 

Patient: So what happens if I go into labor while you are gone?

Doctor: You would have to be seen by whatever doctor is on call, or since you will be 39 the week before, we can go ahead and induce you then so I can attend your birth…….. 

I have already been seeing more questions being asked about this in groups where I am supporting women on their pregnancy journey and it gets me riled up every single time. In the past few weeks the posts of women asking if it is “normal” for their doctor to ask to schedule an induction at 39 weeks for no apparent reason have increased considerably.

I am happy to say that the comments on these posts indicate that women are catching on to this and have made the connection to the impending Holiday week/s. It is important to understand that our medical industry has become accustomed to being able to schedule our births according to what fits their lives. However this doesn’t mean that you have to give in to the pressure to get induced, especially if there is no medical reason to do so. 

It is a good practice to remember that you are in charge of your care and you have the ultimate say in when and what you consent to. Our babies were meant to come when they are ready and not a moment before that unless there is an evidence-based medical reason to intervene. Do not be afraid to decline an induction if your doctor is offering it for no other reason than their convenience, it isn’t worth it.

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