3 Tips on Protecting Your Mindset for Your Pregnancy & Childbirth

In our journeys to motherhood we often encounter many people that speak words of doubt, fear, and limitations over us and it is unfortunate that society has made it okay to do this. During pregnancy we have so much going on physically and emotionally and what we truly need is people who will cheer us on, speak life and strength over us, and who only share positive thoughts and energy with us. That is what I’m here for, I believe in YOU.

Here are three tips to protect your mindset while pursuing the pregnancy and childbirth you envision! 

1) Start planning your birth experience early, know what you want and how you want it. Discuss this with your spouse and communicate what you envision being your birth experience. The earlier you start envisioning your birth the earlier you can work together to build it out and the more confident you will become as you grow your plans over the course of your pregnancy.

2) DO NOT discuss your plans with anyone that is not on your birth team. You will find yourself defending your stance and give way for others to speak doubt, fear, and limitations over you and that is the last thing that you need or want. Also, before making a final decision to openly discuss your plans with those that you THINK will support you, it is a great idea to ask them specific questions to see where they stand on the subject to start with. If their answers convey that they are not on the same wavelength then they should not be on your team. 

3) Come up with several responses that you can use to change the subject or stop a conversation when someone is trying to give you their advice or asking questions that you don’t want to answer. You are not obligated to tell anyone what your plans are and that includes your parents, cousins, best friends if they see things differently than you do.

I am here to help you cancel out the noise and focus on your innate ability to grow and birth your new baby in a joyous and beautiful event that leaves you feeling like the Super Woman that you are. Your body is truly beautiful and an amazing creation that has more power than you will ever get the opportunity to experience. 

If you aren’t quite sure how to start building your birth plan and would like to have a guideline on how to get started, I created a checklist that is perfect for you. You can get your Empowered Birth Checklist here.

Oh, and if you have found this information helpful and you would like more encouraging, uplifting, and supportive information, I have a community I think you might like! You will find more great tips, empowering birth stories, and the support of a community that will come alongside you through your journey! Click here to join now. 



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