Doing things scared and excited…..

How many times throughout our lives do we find ourselves in a “growth spurt” of sorts where we have to make decisions to move in directions that make us uncomfortable, and we feel scared and excited at the same time? Have you ever looked back at these moments and realized how you were being stretched to move into something new?

It’s funny because we are all on a journey and we are all called to do something great with our time here on earth. Yes, all of us! For some it takes years, maybe even the majority of their lives to realize what that calling is and yet there are others who know early on exactly what their purpose is. It is so amazing to sit and contemplate this as I am currently walking through one of these growth spurts in my own life.

As I just started working on this blog I actually realized how my journey right now actually relates to my passion in supporting women on their journey through pregnancy and childbirth. I am being pressed in ways I have not been before and through each and every pregnancy women have different experiences that press them in new ways. Creating, serving, and writing daily and/or weekly, and for books is like giving birth in the sense that I am bringing new life out of myself in the form of words. It is also a labor of love. A journey to serve my people in ways I never even dreamed possible just 6 months ago.

Are you fighting against the growth on your journey or are you marveling at the way all things work for your good when you follow the yearnings of your heart, your purpose, to bring your calling to light and be who you were created to be?

This past ten months has impressed upon me the importance of looking at the opportunities in front of you and deciding whether you are going to leap in and run with it or sit back and let it pass on by. Some opportunities just aren’t right and that’s okay, not all are meant for us to take, but to test our focus. The opportunities that are right are usually the ones that scare you  just thinking about them, what the outcome would mean, and how much of an impact it will make in your life and others, make you want to puke. 

The growth I have seen in myself has been beyond anything I could have ever imagined and to know that within a few months I will have two published books available, has me in that puke zone. I almost let one of these opportunities pass me by because “I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of exposure.”

I could see where it would lead and the potential it has to launch my efforts into a completely different realm of possibilities, and that scares me. What scares me even more, though, is not showing up and not empowering women through pregnancy and childbirth, which is what I believe is the calling on my life. To change generations by restoring belief, confidence, and power in the ability of women to grow and birth new life without limitations and interventions the way that they were created to by God.

What are you feeling pressed to do? If you are feeling like your dreams are impossible, I’m here to tell you they are not impossible and you can do what you desire and serve from your heart, AND work from home doing it. Want to know more? Send me a message here.

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