3 things that can impact your fertility for the better

As I have been sharing my journey, I have realized that there may be another reason as to why I was able to conceive after having such a struggle before. It took 4 years and 4 IUIs to conceive our daughter and when she was fifteen months old we started trying again and conceived in just two months! 

Having our daughter made us realize there were so many things we didn’t know when it came to caring for our tiny human. We also realized that it was our responsibility to learn and know what options and make decisions that were right for us.

So we started asking questions. 

And when a friend introduced us to essential oils and other natural remedies to help us with our daughter. We saw an immediate response, like within 24 hours of using oils to support her digestive system, we had a completely different little girl. She was no longer squirming in her own skin every time she needed to poop. We also never saw that in her again from that point on. It was so simple to use them and the results were hands down more than I ever expected. We were sold.

Prior to being introduced to this more holistic lifestyle our toxic load was pretty high with poor food choices, additives, cleaners and chemicals all around us. Add to that the stress and discord between us in our marriage from the strain of not conceiving and you have a really unhealthy and toxic body where things aren’t functioning the way they ought to be.

Going forward we looked for natural ways to support our immune systems, we ate better, and over the first year of her life we ditched all the chemical laden products and replaced them with plant-based ones. I even started making our own laundry soap, mayo, and ketchup! (It was way easier than I could have imagined actually!)

It makes so much sense now how I was able to conceive so quickly when we decided we wanted to have another baby! We had detoxed our home and our lives, become focused on supporting our bodies natural functions, and then ownership of our own health.

Some things I did that changed my body for the better:

1) Cook from scratch more often - Did you know that just making your own meals and ditching the convenience of processed meal options can have a huge impact on your overall health?

2) Ditch and Switch - Go through the products in your home and look at the labels, I bet you will find several items that when you look into ingredients you will be shocked at what you learn. Chemical ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are known carcinogenics and many chemicals are known endocrine disruptors which directly affect your ability to conceive.

3) Naturally support the systems and functions of your body - I started using essential oils and other supplements to support the natural functions of my body to ensure good health. This included using specific products like probiotics to build a healthy immune system and taking detox baths to help my body get rid of the toxic load I had submitted it to over the years.

Bonus Tip: Progesterone is very important for supporting and maintaining a pregnancy. If you have struggled to conceive or had a miscarriage make sure your doctor is checking your progesterone levels.

I really believe now as I look back that these 3 things hugely impacted the way my health and how my body was functioning overall. If you would like to learn more about our journey or have any questions please leave a comment below or send me a message privately through email.

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