Taking Charge Through Pregnancy

Being pregnant again was such a blessing and looking back it still amazes me that it was soooo easy. After trying for so long for our first and having to get fertility help, getting pregnant right away when trying again and then losing that baby…….

Well I’m sure you can imagine how shocking it all was.

So we are pregnant again and I’m seeing different OB (same medical group) this time, although I am being seen at the same office where my fertility specialist/OB from my first pregnancy is located. If you have been with me since the beginning you know that in the end I was not fond of her.

My OB said I was a great candidate for a VBAC and that she supported me in that endeavor, which is great until I saw my previous OB as I was leaving my second appointment. 

Have you ever been seen at an office where you have to see whoever is available and/or when you go into labor one of the other doctors might be the one on call? That is how this medical group/doctors office works and when I saw her and new that I could end up having to see her at all during this pregnancy, or worse she could see me and consult with my OB and lower the support she was giving me, I knew I had to find a different OB. 

Not to mention the anger that rose up inside of me when I saw that woman. Hey she took my power away little by little at every appointment and it left me feeling like I had failed when in truth I just hadn’t been supported and encouraged at all through my care.

So there I was realizing that I didn’t want to take my chances with this medical group and have someone I didn’t trust involved in my care in any way. I started looking for a new care provider and was so excited to find a birthing center that accepted my insurance. I made an appointment to go check it out and meet with the birthing team there. 

I LOVED IT! But then I was told that they couldn’t take me as a patient because they wouldn’t take the risk on a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I was crushed.

After that I started asking around for recommendations for VBAC supportive doctors and called a few offices to ask questions to see if we fit. I finally thought I had found a doctor that would support me and changed medical groups yet again so that I could be seen there.

Again, my pregnancy was uneventful up to this point and I think I was around 16 weeks by this point, maybe further. I was walking daily at work and staying active on the weekends with my toddler too. I wasn’t gaining weight like I did with our first and I felt great.

At my first appointment with my new doctor I was unhappy to realize that he was not as supportive as I had been led to believe. I stuck it out there though because I was tired of the run around. 

This time around I didn’t let the doctor dictate to me how or what I would be doing as far as tests though. He didn’t like the push back but since he could tell that I was well informed he didn’t fight back much.

It was at this time that I started looking into the possibility of finding a midwife and having a homebirth. I honestly loved the idea of having my baby at home and not having anyone trying to intervene in my birth experience but Jonathan wasn’t quite on board yet.

Then my doctor tried to manipulate me into doing a test I had told him I wouldn’t be doing……

I’m sure you are familiar with the gestational diabetes glucose test, right?

Yeah you have a choice in doing that or declining and doing an alternative.

Anyways, my doctor had agreed to run my A1C (this test gives them the average blood sugar levels over the last 3 months which in my opinion is a much better view at how your body reacts to sugar!). When I showed up at the clinic to get my blood test done they had the order to do the 1 hour glucose test that I had said I wasn’t going to do. 

I was pissed!! He thought that if I showed up and was there that I would just go forward with the glucose test! He was wrong and I got up and walked out right then. This was the last straw for me and proved my point that he was not listening to me and wasn’t on my side. I really wanted to have my baby vaginally and was willing to fight for it. 

With what happened at the clinic my husband was finally on board with contracting a midwife and I was on my way to having the homebirth I wanted!!

Stay tuned to hear about that experience soon!!

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