Can I Have An Unmedicated Birth?

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

This quote is true and can be used in so many different areas of our lives. Many women question their ability to birth their babies without the assistance of some form of medication to help them “handle” what they perceive will be painful.

But why do we look outside of ourselves when asking this question? I see so many women sharing how they told their doctor that they want an unmedicated birth only to have their doctor tell them “Oh honey, you don’t want to do that!” 

Who are they to decide that for ANYONE? 

Do they know you personally, like really know you, not a name on a chart that they glance over as they walk into the room to refresh their memory? 

You know you better than anyone else.

They, on the other hand, have no way of knowing what you and your body are capable of. For all they know your labors may be fast and without pain! Oh but they don’t tend to believe in that because they have no understanding of what physiological birth is or looks like. They are taught that childbirth needs to be controlled and monitored, helped along, and “oh now you aren’t progressing so let’s move to the OR” leaving a mom feeling like her body “failed” her. 

Her body didn’t fail, her doctor failed to allow a natural process to unfold in a safe, calm, and quiet environment where mom was able to follow her body's lead.

Here are the questions I have for you…….

Do you think you can have an unmedicated birth? 

Are you willing to work hard to have your birth your way and not allow someone to “tell” you that you can’t do this or that? 

Will you educate yourself on what physiological birth looks like so that you can better respond to your body through your intuition and the knowledge you gained?

I believe you can have an unmedicated birth when you are committed to trusting the creation of your body and your inner strength to do exactly what they were created to do. (But it isn't up to me, it's up to you.

Are you committed?

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