Can Childbirth Be Pain-Free?

If you are pregnant, wanting to start a family, or maybe you had a traumatic experience with a previous childbirth and wonder if pain-free is even possible.

The answer is, yes it is possible.

Will it happen for everyone? 

Probably not.

Is it still worth learning about and praying for? 


When I was pregnant with my third child I heard an acquaintance say she had a pain-free birth and had to learn more about that experience and how it could be possible. We scheduled a video chat and I was blown away with her story and intrigued, I WANTED that experience!!!

She mentioned a book, which of course I ordered right away, Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. This book changed my entire mindset about childbirth and when it was time for our baby to come I was armed with truth and prepared to allow my body to do what it was created to.

A supernatural childbirth is a birth where you are fully trusting in the creation of your body to bring that new life into this world. Believing in your natural strength to handle the process. God designed women for this purpose and gave us a strength that no man possesses, so that we could grow and birth new life in a natural state. 

     What it isn’t, is having a doctor dictate to you what you can and can’t do, how to labor, when to push, or set a time limit on when your baby will come. 

When I came to understand this from a biblical standpoint I was unstoppable. I had already had a homebirth that was definitely not pain-free and I knew I wanted something different. 

I read that book cover to cover and read the prayers that pertained to my circumstances and needs at the time. I continued to read the prayers aloud over the remainder of my pregnancy, speaking to my body and my baby to ensure that they worked together in the moment when it was needed. When I felt that it was time I started reading the prayer for labor and delivery multiple times a day. 

When my water broke and I went from inconsistent contractions to full on here we go contractions in just a few minutes I was shook. Then transition hit hard and it was intense for about three minutes, through two contractions, and I was almost ready to tap out. Not from pain, more from the intensity and from losing my focus on allowing my body to do it’s thing without my head getting involved. In an instant where I was saying ‘I can’t do this’, I heard a whisper to reach down and feel. I listened to that still, quiet voice and when I reached down I felt my baby's head already crowning!!! 

All the tension and doubt left my body in that moment and from there my baby was born in the next 3-4 contractions, no pushing, no tearing, no pain. 

I highly recommend this book and encourage women to read it anytime I find myself in a conversation about pregnancy and childbirth. It helps set a different tone to what is coming and gives you a place to focus your belief in something positive and encouraging rather than scary and painful.

    Chapter 2 “What Does God Say? “Timothy 2:15, Notwithstanding she shall be saved in shildbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. That word “saved” means kept safe and sound.” (page 27, Supernatural Childbirth)

As a society the act of childbirth has become something scary and disconnected, almost taboo to talk about, something to fear. In the past 3-4 generations childbirth has not been talked about and openly passed down between mothers and daughters, leaving women to learn as they go and experience the journey without knowledge beforehand. 

I want to help change that. Childbirth is meant to be a beautiful and joyous occasion where a woman sees, holds, and smells her new baby, meeting him or her for the first time in a cloud of natural bliss. Let’s start sharing with our daughters this truth.

You can get your copy of the book here.

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