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Coaching with Amanda
Pregnancy and Childbirth Coaching

Do you find that you get overwhelmed by all that you don’t know about pregnancy and childbirth?

Are you ready to move forward with confidence, knowing your options every step of the way?

Do you want to be in the position of having knowledge and understanding of each step and how to walk through this pregnancy with grace and peace of mind ?

Ready to start on your journey to an empowered pregnancy and birthing experience?

Schedule a 15 minute discovery call and we can determine if we are a good fit and that what I offer is what you are looking for.

Once you decide that you want to move forward and get started you will have:

A set amount of zoom 1:1 coaching sessions with me based on where you are in your journey and where you are wanting to go;

24/7 access to me through FB messenger, Marco Polo, or What’s App for quick answers to things that come up between sessions;

Printout TOOLS to use on your journey;

A minimum of one session dedicated to working on your mindset around pregnancy, labor and childbirth.


A Little About Me
Hey there!! I'm Amanda, a late blooming mom of 4, married to my best friend, living in Missouri. Eight years ago when I was pregnant with my first I did all the things my doctor told me only to be told that I couldn't have my baby naturally and ended up having a scheduled c-section I didn't want.

Since then I have learned and experienced a very different way to walk through pregnancy and childbirth. This has allowed me to have my 3 following children naturally at home on my terms. And now I'm sharing what I learned and supporting other moms in  achieving the experience they want in their pregnancy and childbirth journeys!

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