Congratulations You Are In!!!

This is The Workshop that is a safe and welcoming place for you to lay down your experiences and learn to walk in confidence and belief of your inherent and innate ability to grow and birth your babies.

I have seen and heard so many stories from women who have just been beaten up by their pregnancy and childbirth experience and it truly breaks my heart. Many have asked how they can overcome the traumas and ultimately the fears that they were left with after having their precious little ones. 

Join me as I help you overcome the lies and traumas that you have experienced, gain confidence, and walk into your future pregnancy and childbirth in your own power.

You can jump right in when you are ready and as often as you need to.

This recording is saved here for your lifetime access.

My suggestion is to grab your printable workbook below to use for this workshop, where you will be able to continue taking notes as you move forward in your healing and growing your intuitive power. 

Mindset Workshop Workbook.pdf

The last portion of this workshop is an Aroma Freedom Technique session that will walk you through a process to help you release your past traumas and remove the barriers they create. For this process you will use your olfactory system (sense of smell) to recall memories and feelings, breathe through, and break them up with the use of essential oils. If you don't already have oils on hand you can order them here and here is a blog by Courtney about the oils used in this process.

Click here to schedule your free 15 minute Q&A once you have completed the workshop.

To grab that Free One-Minute Emotional Reset that Courtney offered click here.

If you feel like you need more AFT work you can schedule with Courtney here.

You are more powerful than you will ever fully realize in your lifetime and I believe in you.

Amanda :)

A Letter From My Heart
Hey Mama,
One of the hardest things about having birth trauma or fear about anything related to pregnancy and childbirth is that society has made it so hard to share what we are truly feeling. So many times what we are feeling is shrugged off or minimized in some way by someone, who more than likely just doesn't know how to help. You feel alone and because these types of conversations have been made taboo over the last 4-5 decades many of us go through this phase of our life without any real guidance or knowledge, which leads to where you are right now. 

Here is what overcoming those fears will do for you:
Build your confidence in your body.
Create space for you to nurture the relationships in your home the way you want to.
Empower you on your next journey.
Break generational beliefs around pregnancy and childbirth.
Give you a voice to share with others so that they don't experience the same traumas or feel alone.

Let's get to your continued healing!